We help you create what was once impossible

At Daenatech Corp, we aim to help our clients utilize advanced manufacturing techniques which are disrupting centuries old fabrication methods such as casting and forging as well as modern processes such as multi-axis CNC machining and injection molding, CMM etc.
Our team help a variety of companies in many industries such as automotive, electronics, etc. as they work to adopt a new tsunami of manufacturing possibilities. We work to bring your most challenginng and forward looking projects to realization.

Molds: Conformal Cooling

Utilizing additive manufacturing, we are able to produce molds with promoted temperature uniformity using conformal cooling channels.

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Advanced Cooling

3D printed heatsinks, vapor chambers and heat exchangers have shown incredibily higher efficiencies while removing the traditional manufacturing design constraints.

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Weight Reduction

Topology optimization allows for reduced weight and volume components to be 3D printed without sacrificing performance.

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